Data Centres

AfroSignal operates data centers that serve as the hosting hubs for applications and data that underpin digital services tailored for African users.

Within these data centers, we oversee and manage:

  • Telecommunications networks

  • Data processing systems

  • Centralized data storage

  • Data center equipment, including servers, network switches, and mainframes

We maintain two distinct types of data centers:

Enterprise Data Centers: These are contemporary, reliable, and secure facilities that cater to the entire federal government, designed to eliminate the need for planned maintenance shutdowns. They play a crucial role in supporting the African nations' efforts to deliver digital services.

Our plan includes establishing four enterprise data centers in each country.

Legacy Data Centers: These are older facilities that primarily serve individual departments or a group of departments. Designed without consideration for today's digital requirements, these aging data centers store a significant portion of our data and applications across the country.

Data Center Consolidation is a central part of our strategy aimed at modernizing the information technology infrastructure for the Government of Canada. Within this consolidation effort, we aim to:

Close aging data centers and transition applications and data either to the Cloud or into Enterprise Data Centers.

Decrease our carbon footprint by reducing data center space and establishing state-of-the-art data centers with integrated green technology and energy-efficient systems.

Leverage advanced technology for enhanced speed, security, and resilience to safeguard against both physical and cyber threats.